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How to Request the Fife and Drum Corps

The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, when requested and in appropriate situations, can take part in public events sponsored by non-military organizations. The U.S. Army Military District of Washington facilitates requests for such support. Approval and tasking authority is exercised according to governing regulations and practices.

Examples of requests that can be considered for support: Some requests that cannot be accommodated:
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars convocation
  • Major sporting events accessible to public through television broadcast
  • School-sponsored assemblies
  • Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet
  • Northern Virginia Tadpole Swim Meet
  • United Maryland Realtors Association annual meeting
  • Fundraising events
  • Events that benefit a particular business or company
  • Events to a narrow segment of the populace, e.g. a family reunion
  • Support for or during a civilian religious service
  • Events that are not open and free to the public
  • Events that would be detrimental to the interests or values of the Armed Forces

Please be as detailed as possible when making your request. If possible, state what size group you are requesting and provide a sequence of events. Mail or fax your requests on official letterhead to the appropriate office below:

Military/Federal Requests
Non-Federal Organization Requests

Military District of Washington
Ceremonies and Special Events Office
Ft. Leslie J. McNair
Washington, DC 20319-5058

Phone: 202-685-2947
Fax: 202-685-3379

Military District of Washington
Public Affairs Office COMREL
Ft. Leslie J. McNair
Washington, DC 20319-5058

Phone: 202-685-4990
Fax: 202-685-1999

Request Processing

It is recommended that performance requests be submitted a minimum of 60 working days in advance of an event, although a greater amount of time is desirable. In the course of processing a request, it could take as many as four weeks to determine if support can be provided.

Inclement Weather

Unfortunately, the Corps cannot perform outdoors in inclement weather due to the risk of damaging our instruments and uniforms. If there is no indoor, or otherwise sheltered, performance venue, the Corps will not be able to perform.


Should you have any questions about the procedures outlined above, please contact our Operations Supervisor, Master Sergeant Matthew Ball at 703-696-3353.

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